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An Honest Liar

Coming up on Friday March 27th and Saturday March 28th at the Esquire Cinema in the Clifton area of Cincinnati is the local screening of the film about famous Skeptic, Illusionist and Magician James Randi. What makes this particular screening more fun than it would have been alone is that the management of the theater invited our team to go and watch the movie, then for 20-30 minutes immediately following host an discussion on why our team investigates and what we believe we’ve experienced. The film starts at 7:15 both nights and we’ll be hosting the discussion immediately following! Come join us and feel free to ask the hard questions. But remember, we’ll ask you the hard questions too. We’ll be respectful, as long as you act in the same manner. Here is a link to the promotional email sent out to everyone! 

Canines in the Paranormal

Sophie @ Bobby Mackeys

Have you ever investigated with a canine? You’ve seen Maddie from TAPS and even those lame GAC guys once. However, there is a far more thorough method in using canines that offers a whole new insight, and not just seeing if the dog barks.

We’re going to go ahead and give away our secrets that differentiates ourselves. It’s never before been seen on TV, and if you see it on TV after today, well it’s just how this field is. No one gives you credit for being original, but then wants to try and make money off of ya.

Anyway, don’t just walk your dog around on a leash and see if it barks or something. Build a harness (like we did) and put a video camera with night vision on it, put an EMF meter that beeps on it, put a voice recorder (for EVPs and to hear if the meter ever beeped) and put a 2 way radio with the mic keyed (tape or something).

Now send your dog out into the investigation area all by itself and let THEM be the investigator. Then you don’t have a human’s natural tendency to overreact to something, to fake something, whatever.

Then take the dog out with you while you investigate as a trigger object. Get your dog to play with a ball or something, do tricks Then offer a spirit the chance to play shake with the dog or to throw the ball for the dog to fetch. Offer to let someone pet your dog.Tell them to be nice to the dog or you’ll let the dog bite them. Monitor your EMF readings, EVPs, etc during this time.

So as you see, just using the dog on a leash to see if they bark or something is only one VERY small part of how effectively you can use a canine during an investigation. We’ve been using dogs for years, far more than just about anyone else. They are great investigators.

Thermal camera for your smart phone? Yep..

There is a new player in the thermal field called Seek Thermal. They make cameras that attach to your smart phone (Android or iPhone). As a Certified Level 1 Thermographer, I (Dave) bought one of these to test out. The results so far have been impressive, and this Saturday it goes on its first investigation with us. Check out on Sunday night after 6pm to read about how it works for us, battery life on the phone, any evidence it might capture and much more. At left is a coffee maker doing its thing, taken with the Seek on a Samsung S4. Did I mention it only costs $199, and that includes shipping?

Investigating an elementary school

Last year our team was invited down to a local elementary school to investigate with the students, staff and some parents. It was a reward for students for doing a research project and having perfect attendance. We had some interesting experiences, and the kids did all the EVP work, and working the EMF meters.

We’ve been invited back, we have some new tools we’re going to try out and we’ll see how it goes again. Looking forward to going back!

Monday Oct 27th 630 PM Cleves Branch of the Public Library

Come check out Cornerstone Paranormal at the Public Library. Last year was standing room only, so get their early for a seat!

What are your beliefs in the paranormal?

Cincinnati’s WCPO Channel 9 has been doing a haunted series running throughout October. The Cornerstone team has been featured in just about every segment and this week is no different. Read Co-Founders Dave & Teresa’s answers to the questions posed and see if you agree. It’s OK to disagree, since it’s all theoretical anyway.

Here is Teresa’s interview:

Here is Dave’s interview

Blue Ash Rec Center Tues Oct 14th 7pm

Cornerstone will be presenting in the Cafe Series a night of stories, evidence and discussion about some of the most haunted locations in the Cincinnati region. Come join us and tell us your stories of paranormal activity and meet our team, see some of our evidence, listen to ghostly audio and check our some of our gear!

Cops catching ghosts on video?

So the police in a New Mexico town say they’ve seen and experienced things in their police station for quite some time. Now they say they’ve captured video of a ghost walking in their outside lot. Do you believe the police are more credible than experienced ghost hunters? Do you think this video is real?

Cops catch ghost on video

Arnold’s Cafe

Arnold's Bar and Grill Copyright 2014 David Howard

After having visited Arnold’s once before several years ago, we were asked by local Cincinnati ABC affiliate Channel 9 “Tell us about some of the more interesting haunts around Cincinnati that few people know about”. So after visiting and investigating the Heritage Village at Sharon Woods last week, tonight we visited Arnold’s Cafe in downtown Cincinnati. Arnold’s has one very specific distinction: It is the oldest bar in Cincinnati and has been a bar since 1861. In the past we had some great experiences along with some EVP, tonight we had an even more interesting interactions. Be sure to catch channel 9 in October!

Exciting Fall Season Coming Up!

Join the Cornerstone team throughout the fall season at a variety of events that will keep your paranormal senses tingling. Throughout October and November we’ll be presenting at various venues, as well as hosting the haunted tours at the Heritage Village in Sharon Woods in Cincinnati. That goes on every weekend in October. On Oct 14th you can join us at the Blue Ash Rec Center. You don’t have to be a member to attend, and it’s Free! On October 27th you can join us at the at the Miami Township branch of the Hamilton County Public Library in Cleves, Ohio for our presentation there.

We’ll also be conducting some investigations, keeping busy during this time of year.